Yiorgos Eleftheriades AW20 collection looks into gracious sophisticationaligned with precision and essential longevity. In the original and timeless spirit of the house, the AW20 collection establishes witty dialectics between intriguing elements and urban bohemian forms. The collection’s realism intensely explores innovation and sustainability achieving a quality of uncompromising individuals who stand out as modern conquerors or peaceful revolutionists. The assortment constructs a visual diction of unisex streamlined silhouettes, understatedly luxuriousgarments and recognizable Eleftheriades tailoring.

Combinations of textures – silk, wool, tweed, eco sheepskin, handmade knits, anchor the collection holding appeal for the avant-garde and cultivated devotees alike. The meticulous design injects the collection with an element of interplay between the cohesive separates thus enablingthe wearer to engage in a creative play of composed layering. Yiorgos Eleftheriades AW20 reveals a constant dialogue with contemporary life materializing an active discussion of intelligence and undiluted sense of diverse originality.